Clarification of Semiannual Inspections for AWA-regulated Facilities


Notice of Clarification issued regarding animal facility inspections for AWA-regulated facilities
Notice replaces the word “program review” with “evaluation”

We have issued NOT-OD-22-048, Notice of Clarification of Reporting Requirements for Animal Welfare Act Regulated Institutions, “Guidance on Flexibilities for Conducting Semiannual Inspections of Animal Facilities” (NOT-OD-21-164).

In NOT-OD-21-164, under the section “Flexibilities for Conducting Semiannual Inspections of Animal Facilities,” bullet 8, it states that for institutions covered by the Animal Welfare Regulations, “All [IACUC] members are informed of the program review to be conducted by the appointed subcommittee in sufficient time to request participation.”

The Notice of Clarification, NOT-OD-22-048, replaces the words “program review” with “evaluation”, to indicate that this requirement is not only applicable to program review, but also to semiannual animal facility inspections.

Please see our 21st Century Cures Act webpage on Semiannual Facility Inspections for additional details on semiannual facility inspections.

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