New and updated COVID-19 FAQs available


Visit our COVID-19 page to see new and updated FAQs, including:

  • During the pandemic, how may the IACUC expedite the three-year complete review of a currently approved protocol that is due to expire and still meet the PHS Policy requirements?
  • May email responses from each IACUC member be used instead of digital or scanned signatures for the semiannual report to the Institutional Official?
  • What flexibilities may IACUCS use to streamline approval of requests for an increase in previously approved animal numbers because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Also, note that that many of the flexibilities provided in NOT-OD-20-086 have now expired. Recipients may rebudget funds to accommodate unanticipated costs without prior approval when rebudgeting does not constitute a change in scope and is not restricted by the terms and conditions of award (see NIH GPS 8.1).

This page last updated on: Jul 28, 2020
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