New OLAW webinar now available: Developments in FOIA in the Context of Animal Research


A new 30-minute OLAW webinar is now available on how FOIA requests are processed at NIH, recent trends in FOIA requests at OLAW, and FOIA Exemptions most often applied to these records.
Check out our newest OLAW webinar for an engaging discussion on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) with OLAW Deputy Director, Dr. Axel Wolff, and NIH FOIA Program Officer, Mr. Gorka Garcia-Malene.

Dr. Wolff and Mr. Garcia-Malene offer insight into:

  • how FOIA requests are reviewed and fulfilled at NIH,
  • how FOIA Exemptions are applied at NIH and OLAW, and
  • recent trends in FOIA requests related to animal activities and the implications for your institution.

They also discuss how to meet reporting requirements to OLAW without submitting additional, unnecessary information.

FOIA Screenshot

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