OLAW Listserv Transitioning to New Platform


If you are currently subscribed to the OLAW news listserv, you might notice a slight change in format soon! Coming in early November 2022, the OLAW Division of Policy and Education will transition to the GovDelivery email management software, which means that you might notice a few minor changes to newsflash announcements. 

What WILL change:

  • The “From” email address will change from OLAWdpe@mail.nih.gov to OLAW@subscriptions.nih.gov. Be sure to put the new address on your safe senders list to ensure that you continue to receive important OLAW updates! 

  • The first few messages will be sent through both systems. This means that the first few messages may be duplicated in your inbox. Once the transition is complete, however, no news will be sent from the OLAWdpe@mail.nih.gov address.  

  • We will continue to respond to messages sent to OLAWdpe@mail.nih.gov. You may continue to use this address if you need to contact the Division of Policy and Education regarding specific inquiries. 

  • Email formatting will change to look more like a newsletter rather than a text-based message. 

What will NOT change: 

  • OLAW will continue to release newsflashes on the website in addition to listserv emails. 

  • The typical content of listserv emails will not change. 

  • Current listserv subscribers will NOT need to re-subscribe. Your subscription will carry over into the new software. Please let us know, however, if you experience an interruption in receiving messages and we will gladly work with you to resolve any issues. 

This page last updated on: Nov 30, 2022
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