Podcast on Animal Welfare Assurances Now Available


Dr. Jane Na, Director, OLAW Division of Assurances, speaks on Animal Welfare Assurances on the All About Grants podcast

As highlighted in the extramural NEXUS, Dr. Jane Na, Director, OLAW Division of Assurances, joined the NIH All About Grants podcast in an episode that delves into what you should consider when working with OLAW in obtaining an Animal Welfare Assurance (MP3|Transcript). The episode covers some foundations of Assurances, like:

  1. What are the three different types of Assurances and how do they differ?
  2. How can institutions prepare an Assurance, and what are some of OLAW’s expectations?
  3. What role does OLAW play in reviewing the Vertebrate Animals Section of NIH grant applications?
  4. What information from an Assurance could be released under the Freedom of Information Act?

It also offers helpful hints and lessons learned.

For more information on Assurances, visit our Animal Welfare Assurances section on our Topic Index page, and our Sample Documents page, where you can find additional information about Domestic, Foreign, and Interinstitutional Assurances.

This page last updated on: Jul 26, 2022
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