Registration Open for the 3Rs Symposium: Collaboration to Improve Animal Welfare and Rigorous Results


Topics from advancements in refinements to experimental strategies to improve welfare and sound science to successful 3Rs collaborations
June 22-24, 2022 | Hybrid

Join us for an event highlighting the interplay of 3Rs implementation, scientific rigor, and animal welfare to achieve better wellbeing and robust research results. NIH OLAW, Johns Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, USDA AWIC, and Johns Hopkins University Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology are pleased to offer the 9th Annual 3Rs Symposium: Collaboration to Improve Animal Welfare and Rigorous Results. This 3-day symposium includes presentations and panel discussions from biomedical researchers, animal welfare scientists, veterinarians, and animal care experts. The final day features a demonstration of refinement techniques. The conference also incorporates breakout sessions where participants can converse with and pose questions to the speakers.

This workshop has applied for RACE credits and offers reduced registration for federal workers, postdocs, and students. Come learn how innovations in animal models, experimental design, refinements, and many other areas are changing the way we use animals in research!

Register for the event here.

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