Updated FAQ B.5. What is a quorum and when is a quorum required?


Updated FAQ B.5. What is a quorum and when is a quorum required? 

A quorum is a majority of the total number of voting members of the IACUC. A majority vote of the quorum present at a convened meeting is required for the IACUC to:   

  1. conduct full committee review and approval of a proposed project or of a significant change to a project, and
  2. suspend an activity.

If a recusal results in the loss of a quorum, the business associated with the conflict of interest must be tabled until a quorum is present. 

We’ve updated FAQ B.5. to clarify the total number of voting IACUC members required for a quorum and what to do when there are conflicts of interest. Visit the FAQ for all the details. 

This page last updated on: Oct 16, 2020
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