The 2016 Vertebrate Animals Section, Grants Policy, and Congruence

Audience: The program is tailored to IACUC staff, IACUC members, IOs, veterinarians, investigators, compliance personnel, animal care staff and others involved in animal programs.


  • Patricia Brown, VMD, MS, Director, OLAW
  • Samuel Varghese, PhD, IACUC Director, University of Massachusetts Medical School


Do you know that the vertebrate animals section (VAS) of the NIH grant application has changed? Or do you have questions about conducting grant to protocol congruence? In this webinar, Pat Brown, OLAW Director, will talk about the updated VAS and the NIH requirements for congruence. Plus, Sam Varghese, IACUC Director at U Mass Medical School, will present best practices, institutional policies, and possible solutions to address common scenarios while handling congruence review.

Supporting Materials
Slides (pdf) (PDF - 1.07 MB)
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