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Grantee adherence to the PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (PHS Policy) is a term and condition of all PHS grant or contract awards that include use of live, vertebrate animals.  These questions and answers provide guidance for institutions and IACUCs as they implement the PHS Policy.  Institutions with species regulated by the USDA must also comply with the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations. Institutions have the discretion to establish more stringent requirements as matters of institutional policy.

References are to previously published guidance or commentary in Dear Colleague Letters, Lab Animal Magazine, Contemporary Topics, and ILAR News which may provide additional elaboration or commentary.  The information in these FAQs is updated and supersedes previous guidance or commentary.

OLAW will update this page with new FAQs as necessary.

OLAW welcomes comments on any of its policy guidance. Comments may be submitted to OLAW by email at: (please insert the title of the specific guidance document in the subject field).

All relevant comments will be considered in OLAW decisions on timing and content of revisions to guidance documents, or development of new guidance documents. Comments generally will not result in direct responses from OLAW.

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