Adverse Events at Research Facilities

Audience: The program is tailored to IACUC staff, IACUC members, IOs, veterinarians, investigators, compliance personnel, animal care staff and others involved in animal programs.

Speakers: Swapna Mohan, DVM, PhD, Division of Policy and Education, OLAW, and Neera Gopee, DVM, PhD, Division of Compliance Oversight, OLAW

Topic: Is your institution prepared for an animal emergency or natural disaster? In this webinar, Swapna Mohan will talk about a variety of adverse events that can endanger the health and welfare of research animals, provide steps that you can take to mitigate your risks, and highlight some of the issues that have been reported to OLAW. And when disaster does strike, Neera Gopee will review the reporting requirements for incidents that have impacted the health or well-being of animals.

Reference: Lab Animal 2017; 46(06) (PDF - 496 KB). Adverse events at research facilities. Addendum: Data Summary (PDF - 92 KB)

Supporting Materials
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