IACUC Responsibilities Regarding Service Animals

Audience: The program is tailored to IACUC staff, IACUC members, IOs, veterinarians, investigators, compliance personnel, animal care staff, and others involved in animal programs.

Speakers: Axel Wolff, MS, DVM, NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare, and Ron Banks, DVM, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Topic: The webinar focuses on the complex interactions between service animals, emotional support animals, access of these animals to research facilities/vivaria, and the responsibilities of the IACUC and institution in navigating these challenges. The speakers emphasize definitions, federal regulations, and examples of how institutions have tackled these issues.

Note: This webinar was not broadcast live but was prerecorded and posted on June 10, 2021.

Supporting Materials
Transcript (PDF - 329.83 KB)
Slides (PDF - 24.56 MB)
Slides Handout (PDF - 1.52 MB)

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