Full Committee Review (FCR) and Designated Member Review (DMR) - October 2016

Audience: New IACUC members


  • Understand FCR and DMR in the context of the regulations and “PRIMO! University” policy
  • IACUC members will know their role when a protocol is proposed for FCR or DMR
  • Appreciate the value of applying FCR and DMR


  • Define FCR and DMR methods and their associated regulations
  • Analyze how FCR and DMR are applied at our institution and how this differs from minimum regulatory requirements and guidelines
  • Outline the roles and responsibilities of IACUC members and other reviewers in conducting FCR and DMR at our institution
  • Evaluate the reasons for selecting FCR or DMR for individual protocols

Module Developers: Marlene Cole, Paula Gladue, Lauren Danridge, Larry Carbone, Eric Hutchinson, Venita Thornton

Module Materials:  PowerPoint slides (ppt) 

Module Question

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