Conducting IACUC Facility Inspections - October 2016

Audience: New and experienced IACUC members performing facility inspections.

  • IACUC should be able to properly conduct a facility inspection.
  • IACUC should know why they are required to conduct a facility inspection.


The IACUC member should be able to:

  • Know when to conduct a facility inspection
  • Know where to conduct the inspections – which facilities to inspect
  • Apply requirements of inspection
  • Know who is responsible for inspections
  • Assess animal welfare issues
  • Generate an end product/report

Module Developers: Dave Cannon, Jim Elliott, EB Meek, Jackie Newell-Hunt, Mildred Randolph, Axel Wolff

Module Materials
Slides (PPT) (Powerpoint - 7.46 MB)
Module Question

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