Noncompliance Reporting and the Freedom of Information Act - October 2016


  • Understand what constitutes a reportable noncompliance event and identify the institution’s process for reporting noncompliance
  • Understand why reporting and open records reflect a public mandate and how can provide either an accurate view or encourage public misconceptions
  • Understand how to write a noncompliance report and to whom it should be reported


  • Discriminate between reportable and non-reportable noncompliance events
  • Explain how your institution reports noncompliance to internal stakeholders and to federal agencies
  • Identify the purpose and use of FOIA
  • Identify the potential consequences of FOIA release of noncompliance reports
  • Explain the ways in which noncompliance can be reported to a federal agency and who is responsible
  • Understand the creation and use of an optimal noncompliance report

Module Developers: Allyson Bennett, Robert Gibbens, William Greer, Swapna Mohan, Christian Newcomer, Jerald Silverman

Module Materials
Slides (PPT) (Powerpoint - 616.18 KB)
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