Animal Study Proposal

Animal Study Proposal


The use of this sample animal study proposal is not required and is provided for the convenience of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) at Assured institutions. Sections may be added, deleted, or modified to meet the needs of individual programs.

The sample animal study proposal is provided in response to requests from many institutions that wish to develop or revise an animal care and use protocol form intended for internal institutional use. It is based on a form used by intramural NIH investigators, and was modified as the result of review of many different extramural institutional forms in order to anticipate a variety of research scenarios. Institutions may download the form and modify it to suit their own institutional program and needs.

Most institutions have instituted an animal care and use protocol form that investigators are required to complete and submit to the IACUC. There is great variation in the length, format, content, and use of these forms, and a form that serves one institution well may not necessarily prove successful at another institution. However, in general, many IACUCs have found that use of a protocol form helps research investigators to delineate the information that the IACUC requires in order to review a proposal, and also helps the IACUC to achieve greater consistency in its review. Many of these forms are available from institutional websites.

We are interested in your comments on the content of this sample animal study proposal and in your suggestions for additions, deletions, or revisions. We anticipate changes to this document as institutional comments are received and as animal research and the policies that govern it evolve. Comments should be sent to:

Individuals not familiar with the PHS Policy are encouraged to visit the PHS Policy Tutorial.

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  1. Administrative Data
  2. Animal Requirements
  3. Transportation
  4. Study Objectives
  5. Rationale for Animal Use
  6. Description of Experimental Design and Animal Procedures
  7. Surgery
  8. Pain or Distress Classification and Consideration of Alternatives
  9. Anesthesia, Analgesia, Tranquilization, Other Agents
  10. Methods of Euthanasia or Disposition of Animals at End of Study
  11. Hazardous Agents
  12. Biological Material/Animal Products for Use in Animals
  13. Genetically Engineered Animals
  14. Exemptions from Environmental Enrichment for Nonhuman Primates or Exercise for Dogs
  15. Field Studies
  16. Special Concerns or Requirements of the Study
  17. Principal Investigator Certifications
  18. Concurrences
  19. Final Approval

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