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The Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Policy) requires that institutions have an OLAW-approved Animal Welfare Assurance before carrying out any activities involving live vertebrate animals. Institutions outside the U.S. that receive PHS funds directly through a grant or contract award are to use the Animal Welfare Assurance for Foreign Institutions (Foreign Assurance). The Foreign Assurance also applies to institutions outside the U.S. that receive PHS fund indirectly (as a performance site through a primary institution).

Foreign Assurances are negotiated with institutions that:

  • control their own animal facilities
  • conduct animal research on-site
  • have an animal care and use program with an authorized institutional signing official

The Foreign Assurance commits the institution to:

Foreign grantees can find guidance at the Foreign Grants Information Animal Welfare page. (see also NOT-OD-10-083)

Requirements for obtaining a Foreign Assurance

Foreign institutions may apply for a Foreign Assurance if either of the following conditions exist:

  • The institution has submitted a PHS grant application or contract proposal and has received notification from the funding component that the grant or contract will be awarded, or;
  • The institution is listed as a performance site on a PHS grant or contract, either foreign or domestic, AND award of the grant or contract is imminent.

Application process

The application process begins when the PHS funding component makes a determination to award a grant or contract. The funding component will notify OLAW that an Assurance is required for the pending award. OLAW will contact the awardee institution to negotiate the applicable Assurance(s).

Institutions should not submit an Assurance unless requested to do so by OLAW. OLAW will not process unsolicited applications.

If you have been notified that the grant or contract will be awarded AND have not been contacted by OLAW, you may submit an inquiry by e-mail to Include the grant or contract number and contact information from the funding component in the e-mail.

Foreign Assurances cannot be renewed if the institution is no longer receiving PHS funds.

How to submit

Fax your completed Foreign Assurance to +1 (301) 451-5672 or e-mail to Do not submit any other documents. We do not accept separate attachments, appendices, binders, or manuals.

Download the Foreign Assurance document

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Contact the Division of Assurances by telephone at +1 (301) 496-7163 or e-mail to

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