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The following are recordings and reference materials from past OLAW Webinars. OLAW welcomes your feedback.
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Research Using Agricultural Animal Species March 21, 2024
Congruence Review January 18, 2024
Improving Experimental Design: Ethical Implications and How the Experimental Design Assistant (EDA) Can Help September 14, 2023
The ARRIVE 2.0 Essential 10: Guidance for NIH-sponsored Research June 15, 2023
Foundations for Evaluating Study Design and Statistical Approaches for the IACUC March 9, 2023
MOUs for Collaborating Institutions: New Template from the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) January 19, 2023
FDA's New Guidance on Compounding Bulk Drug Substances September 8, 2022
Animal Welfare in High Containment or Barrier Facilities: Addressing Unique Challenges June 9, 2022
21st Century Cures Act: Updates and Your Questions Answered March 10, 2022
Best Practices for Conducting a Search for Alternatives and Finding Animal Model/Model Organism Information December 9, 2021
Research Involving Animals: 2021 NIH Virtual Seminar Session November 4, 2021
Animals in Research: Tips to Keep Out of the Doghouse: 2021 NIH Virtual Seminar Session November 4, 2021
History of U.S. Animal Welfare Oversight September 24, 2021
What Every IACUC Should Know About AAALAC International September 9, 2021
IACUC Responsibilities Regarding Service Animals June 10, 2021
21st Century Cures Act: Update on Implementation March 11, 2021
Developments in FOIA in the Context of Animal Research December 10, 2020
Update on the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition September 10, 2020
Update to the Reporting Period of the Annual Report to OLAW June 17, 2020
Animal Research and Public Support: A 2020 Vision for Strategic Communications and Micro-Messaging June 11, 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic Response Resources and FAQs for Animal Care and Use Programs April 8, 2020
Pandemic Contingency Planning and Its Impact on Animal Care March 19, 2020
Building a Research Occupational Health Program March 12, 2020
21st Century Cures Act: Next Steps December 5, 2019
Application of the AVMA Guidelines for the Depopulation of Animals to Biomedical Research September 26, 2019
The 4th R: Rehoming, Retirement and Release June 13, 2019
Superstar Rats Teach Empathy to Researchers March 21, 2019
Semiannual Program Review December 13, 2018
Monitoring for Humane Endpoints: Developing an Appropriate Strategy September 20, 2018
Facility Inspections June 28, 2018
Field Euthanasia Methods for Wildlife March 28, 2018
Adverse Events at Research Facilities December 7, 2017
Rights, Regulatory Systems and Legal Revolution September 21, 2017
Wildlife Research Permits: What IACUCs Need to Know March 30, 2017
Self-Evaluation & Reporting: Always Let the Guide be Your Conscience December 15, 2016
Implementing Guidance on Significant Changes: One Institution’s Experience September 8, 2016
Balancing Public Interests, Benefits, and Risks in Animal Research July 6, 2016
The 2016 Vertebrate Animals Section, Grants Policy, and Congruence March 10, 2016
OLAW Online Office Hour December 3, 2015
Resources for the 3Rs September 24, 2015
Regulatory Considerations for Using Pharmaceutical Products in Research Involving Laboratory Animals June 4, 2015
Zebrafish 101 for IACUCs March 12, 2015
Openness and Transparency and Biomedical Research Oversight December 4, 2014
The Research Animal Coordinator September 18, 2014
Guidance on Significant Changes to Animal Activities August 21, 2014
Meeting Requirements for Alternatives Searches June 26, 2014
Oversight of Research Involving Wildlife March 20, 2014
Training Issues June 20, 2013
Disaster Planning March 7, 2013
Departures from the Guide October 4, 2012
Housing Laboratory Rodents According to the 8th Edition of the Guide July 19, 2012
Grants Policy and Congruence June 7, 2012
Performance Standards April 19, 2012
NIH Adopts 8th Edition of the Guide: A Discussion December 8, 2011
Occupational Health and Safety Programs September 8, 2011
Writing a Good Assurance June 9, 2011
IACUC Responsibilities Beyond Protocol Review and Facilities Inspection March 10, 2011
IACUC Review of Proposed Animal Activities December 9, 2010
25 Years of Animal Welfare and Scientific Research Symposium October 25, 2010
Discussion of OLAW FAQs September 9, 2010
AC and OLAW Perspective on Nonhuman Primate Enrichment and Social Housing June 11, 2010
Ethics and IACUC Responsibility June 10, 2010
Physical Plant Issues March 11, 2010
Emerging Issues, USDA Perspective September 17, 2009
What Every IACUC Should Know About AAALAC International June 11, 2009
Reporting Noncompliant Events to OLAW March 5, 2009
When Terms and Conditions Are Not Met December 4, 2008
Freedom of Information Act Policies September 18, 2008
Preparing for Animal Rights Extremist Activities at Your Institution June 12, 2008
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